What not to do on a plane, ever. Three essential tips, revealed by a flight attendant VIDEO

To stay safe and comfortable while flying, passengers should keep in mind a few simple rules, revealed by the flight attendants themselves. Three tips are essential, they argue.

A flight attendant who often shares, on her TikTok account, all sorts of useful tricks, tips and behind-the-scenes experiences of her job, revealed what are the three essential things that should never be done while traveling by plane.

Miva’s advice was also quoted by the British tabloid “The Mirror”. Passengers who take these tips into account do not risk being kicked off the plane, getting sick or having other unpleasant incidents, claims this flight attendant.

An essential tip on the plane is not to wear shorts or skirts Photo Shutterstock

Do not wear skirts or aprons when traveling by plane

So, for one thing, she advises passengers to never wear shorts (shorts) or skirts on the plane, citing concerns about seat cleanliness and potential discomfort from cabin temperature fluctuations.

Don’ts on the plane: don’t get drunk

She then mentions another rule of thumb, which has started to get more and more attention lately because of the countless incidents it has caused. Basically, it warns against the excessive consumption of alcohol on board. Miva noted that passengers who get drunk risk being kicked off the plane for safety reasons.

Hydrate before and during the air ride

Finally, he also emphasized the importance of hydration during flights. The dry air and low humidity on the plane can lead to dehydration, the flight attendant said.

To combat this, Miva advises passengers to drink plenty of water before and during the flight, suggesting it be purchased after you’ve gone through security. Another possibility would be to have an empty reusable bottle in your hand luggage to fill at drinking water fountains/dispensers. It’s just that they are not available in all airports. However, medical specialists recommend bottled water.

The human body loses up to 0.25 liters of water per hour of flight. Therefore, what you should not do on the plane, ever, would be not to get thirsty, not to drink excessively and not to dress too “shortly”, for reasons of safety as well as comfort.