With the scooter on the highway, the crazy ride of a Romanian. Romanian Police: “The more forbidden, the more dangerous”

A young terrorist was detected by the policemen from the A2 Highway Police Bureau, while he was moving on his scooter in the direction of Bucharest. After a few hundred meters, the man was stopped by the law enforcement officers and fined accordingly.

On the highway with a scooter Photo: Romanian Police/Facebook

Many of those who use electric scooters do not respect traffic rules and expose themselves, most of the time, to the risks of accidents that can have particularly serious consequences. There was also the situation of a young man, aged 31, who was spotted on Autostrada Soarelui while riding a scooter. The incident took place on March 1.

“Exact! You can't ride a scooter on the highway! As forbidden, if we knew the legislation in force, as dangerous. The 31-year-old was sanctioned by our colleagues from the A2 Highway Police Office.“, the Romanian Police sent on Facebook.

The man was not at all aware of the risks to which he was exposed. Luckily for him, the police spotted him after only a few hundred meters on the highway and pulled him over. For his deed, the young man was fined 990 lei.

Although there have been several information campaigns, there are still many people who ride scooters without knowing the provisions of the Highway Code or who simply ignore the rules.

The young man was fined 990 lei Photo: Romanian Police/Facebook

The young man was fined 990 lei Photo: Romanian Police/Facebook

On the highway, the law prohibits traveling with such means of transport.

On highways or expressways, the movement of pedestrians, vehicles with oversize dimensions or masses, without a special transport authorization issued by the public road administrator, according to the regulations in force, animal-drawn vehicles, animals, vehicles pulled or pushed with hand, of bicycles, electric scooters and mopeds, of agricultural or forestry tractors and self-propelled machines for agricultural work, as well as of vehicles that, due to construction or other reasons, cannot exceed the speed of 50 km/h.“, it is stated in Law 134/2022.