“Ciolacu, Rafila must go!” – Declic Petition for the dismissal of the Minister of Health

The Declic community initiated a petition calling for the dismissal of the Minister of Health, titled “Ciolacu, Rafila must go”.

The Declic community asks the prime minister to dismiss Alexandru Rafila. Photo: Mediafax

We, the signatories of this petition, demand the urgent dismissal of the Minister of Health. It is scandalous and absolutely unacceptable that Alexandru Rafila still holds the position of minister, given his recently discovered conflict of interest. While his work as a minister was subordinated to the interest of a part of the pharmaceutical industry, Romania reached the 1st place in the EU for the death of patients from preventable and treatable causes“, is the message of the petition.

Money from Big Pharma

It would be downright outrageous if Alexandru Rafila remained head of Health, after the Hotnews investigations revealed obvious conflicts of interest. This Minister of Health, sold out to the pharmaceutical industry, is a major danger to patients, whose interests are being seriously neglected“, is one of the reasons cited by Declic.

The Hotnews investigation shows that money from Big Pharma reaches the Romanian Society of Microbiology, led by the Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, through an intermediary company that has three shareholders, including a personal adviser to the dignitary. Alexandru Rafila denied the accusations, noting that it is not about sponsorships.

Investigations by Hotnews reveal that the NGO led by Rafila receives hundreds of thousands of euros from large pharmaceutical companies such as Astra Zeneca or Sanofi.

The money is not transferred directly, so that this conflict of interest is not obvious. They reach the accounts of Rafila's association through a suspicious sponsorship scheme. It involves an event management firm and people close to Rafila, including a personal adviser and a former SRI hospital director.

In exchange for the donated money, pharmaceutical companies receive approvals to market drugs and medical devices from an institution directly subordinate to the minister. This jeopardizes our citizens' access to properly selected medicines and equipment.” explained Declic in support of the petition.

The organization also mentions other problems in the health system reported during Rafila's mandate.

Minister Rafila has repeatedly demonstrated a total disregard for the needs of patients. Already for a year, he has been postponing without any plausible excuse the rules for the National Plan to fight cancer, expected by thousands of patients.

With outrageous cynicism, he sabotaged the inauguration of the hospital for children with cancer, built with private donations, by Dăruiește Viață.

He tried to weaken the legislation for the care of the severely burned and lost 740 million euros from the PNRR, intended for the construction of new hospitals.” say those from Declic.

“The dismissal of Rafila, mandatory for public health”

The community appeals to Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu to dismiss Alexandru Rafila.

“These conflicts of interest make Rafila incompatible with the role of Minister of Health. A minister with such close ties to the pharmaceutical industry poses a major risk to the integrity of decisions affecting public health and must be removed from office.

But, we all know that Rafila will not leave willingly. That is why it is essential that the Prime Minister forces him to go, to restore integrity at the top of Health.

We need a minister of patients, not pharmaceutical corporations. A minister to guarantee an impartial and efficient administration of the major investments that should be made in Health, in the immediate future. Rafila's impeachment is not only necessary, it is imperative for public health.

We, the citizens, have a choice: either we continue to accept an indolent, ineffective head of health with serious integrity problems, or we mobilize and demand, insistently, that he be replaced. It takes a strong commitment to make this change happen. First step: get a petition signed by as many people as possible. (..) Every signature counts. Every day with Rafila at Sanatate costs lives”, it is shown in the motivation of the request.