High school admission 2024. Registration starts tomorrow. How to fill out the forms

For the students who took the 2024 National Assessment exam, the emotions did not pass. The 2024 high school admission process starts tomorrow. The last day to complete applications is July 22. Then comes the computerized distribution and filing of the file.

High school registration lasts 11 days. Photo source: archive

High school admission 2024. Registration procedure, step by step

On Thursday, July 11, 2024, high school registrations begin for eighth graders who have taken the National Assessment exam.

When the high school registration forms are filled out

Registration forms for high school admission 2024 are completed between July 11-22. This procedure is carried out at school, in the presence of parents and the head teacher. Students will be notified in advance of the day and time of the appointment.

What high school admissions cards look like

Here is what the registration form looks like that needs to be filled out this year.

high school registration form jpg

How to complete the options

The Ministry of Education has made a series of recommendations contained in a guide.

Before completing the application form, students and their parents should make a list of their desired majors. Indicatively, the last entrance exams from past school years and the student’s position in the county and Bucharest hierarchy should be checked, which will be published on the website of the Ministry of Education today, July 10.

Once the high schools and majors are identified, the student should compile a list of those codes that correspond to his options in order of preference. The first, at the top of the list, will be the most desired high school. Then the others, in descending order of preference. It is important that the list includes as many options as possible.

  • The codes specific to each specialization are entered in order of preference, horizontally, in the boxes at the bottom of the page.
  • The number of options should be as large as possible. The reason? The computer will not move on to the next candidate until it has checked all the options of the student ranked in front of him and assigned him to one of them. It is also recommended to make honest choices by ticking some high schools where the student knows he would have a real chance of being admitted.
  • The codes are filled in very carefully. Too few options, too few codes, or incorrectly entered codes can lead to an unwanted assignment.
  • After completing the registration form and entering the options into the computer, the student and his parents will receive the completed form to check. It is extremely important that all information is correct before the application is signed. If mistakes are noticed, students can correct them before the worksheets are listed.

After submitting the registration forms, the computerized allocation of students to the desired high schools follows.

High school registrations 2024. Criteria for tying students with equal admission averages

This year, the tying criterion between students with equal admission averages is the gymnasium average. Thus, if two candidates have equal admission averages, they will be tied using, in order, the following criteria:

  • the general graduation average of the 5th – 8th grades;
  • the grade obtained in the Romanian language and literature test within the national evaluation;
  • the grade obtained in the mathematics test within the national assessment;
  • the grade obtained in the native language test within the national assessment, respectively the grade from the native language knowledge test

Computerized distribution

On July 24, the computerized allocation and communication of results takes place. Then, between July 25-30, the students will submit the enrollment file to the schools to which they have been assigned

What documents does the high school enrollment file contain?

Enrollment in high schools of candidates declared admitted following the computerized distribution is carried out according to a program posted by the educational institution, based on the following documents:

  • identity card (if applicable) and birth certificate;
  • certificate with the grades and general average obtained at the National Assessment in the 8th grade;
  • the transcript for the 5th – 8th grades (with the calculation of the general average);

More than 160,000 students registered for the 2024 National Assessment. Of these, only 153,000 participated in all the exam tests. Almost 75% of the participants obtained passing grades.