Internet access, limited in the Chamber of Deputies after the January cyber attack. An unauthorized network was discovered in Parliament

The Chamber of Deputies has implemented new cyber security measures, internet access to certain online services and platforms being restricted. Moreover, the investigation led to the discovery of a device that does not belong to the Chamber of Deputies.

Internet access was restricted in the Chamber of Deputies PHOTO Archive Adevărul

“In order to increase the degree of cyber protection, access to the Internet (via cable or Wi-Fi) has been limited for certain categories of services or platforms, including Botnet, File-Sharing, P2P, Proxy, Remote-Access and Storage-Backup, with the exception of the services offered by Google, Apple, Adobe and Microsoft, and Video-Streaming, with the exception of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter”, transmitted the Chamber of Deputies, according to Libertatea.

The cited source also informed that access to the intranet service and the Permanent Office Map has been changed, “to be available exclusively from within the institution, to limit potential vulnerabilities”.

According to the quoted source, the restrictions are applied not only to parliamentarians, but to all those who use the data infrastructure of the institution, regardless of the position held.

Device that does not belong to the Chamber of Deputies, found in the Parliament

The IT and Telecommunications Directorate also discovered, according to the cited source, an unauthorized network operating in the Parliament building. This was formed “from TP-Link devices that do not belong to the Chamber of Deputies and that are connected to the internal network, thus representing a significant risk for the institution's cyber security”.

Hackers broke into the Chamber of Deputies database and stole personal data of MPs, including Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu. Among the documents extracted were identity documents and medical tests.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu later announced that he would change his identity card.