Cluj-Napoca.XYZ has been made aware of a possible modelling scam, involving an agency represented as “Complex Advertising Activities”, held under the company “The Beauty of Affirmation SRL”.

People have apparently been targeted whilst walking on the street, and promised that they will be featured in advertisements for major brands such as H&M and Zara for stores in Iulius Mall. The job is apparently part time, once per month and only for an hour, with a return of between €40 and €100, plus the ability to keep the clothing used during the session.

Upon taking you to their office, you are apparently introduced to the manager, who explains how the process works and it’s as this time, that you are informed that you must pay 140 lei, up front, and this covers the contract that you have for 1 year.

When asked, “why the tax is required up-front”, the response from the director was that it acts as an assurance that you will show up for the event. The visitor was also pressured into paying now, as “the offer is only available for today”, said the representative.

After further investigation, the company “The Beauty of Affirmation SRL”, appears to have been registered with CUI 39789555 and is based out of Bucharest. A simple search on the web, reveals a number of articles, published across Romania, including one that has almost identical circumstances, in Brăilei, a city in eastern Romania.

The article can be found here: (RO).

The article starts off by saying,

“A woman notified us that she feels deceived by an advertising agency that operates on Mihai Eminescu street, no. 74, because she had been tricked into paying certain amounts of money to appear in catalogs and brochures with advertisements for various products • she realized she was the victim of a scam, after finding an article on the Internet the respective agency, in which the method of stealing the naïve people was revealed • the reporters “Objective-Voice of Braila” were left approached by this agency and, indeed, you are promised that they will appear in advertisements for cosmetics of some big brands • in fact, one of the famous companies mentioned by the ones in the agency told us that they would have such a campaign in Braila • “Scenic Walking” SRL, as the agency recommends, is, in the acts of the Trade Register, “All Sorts Of People ”, with unique partner Cocoş Corina-Lucia • no trace on the internet about the agency or about the associate.”

It then continues by saying that they approach you in the street, compliment you and then give you hope of being photographed and being featured with top brands of cosmetics, clothing and other fashion items.

When taken to the HQ, you are further promised a great return on your time, and ask you to sign a contract where you must pay a small registration fee, that you’ll get back as soon as they set you up with a modelling job.

The company’s registration number, 39789555, is also mentioned during the article, and it seems that the published has already performed their own research, informing that the company is associated with a number of other offices, across Romania, and that there’s no trace of credibility to the firm on the internet, which is actually registered at the Trade Registry as “All Sorts Of People SRL”.

Once comment on the article says, “It’s not just a week I was stopped by them, I was with my little girls of 11 and 9 years back then (ie about 2 years ago), but I didn’t believe their words and I didn’t accept. I was asked for 100 lei this registration fee for each child, and if they saw that I did not accept, they would give me an exceptional reduction of 50 lei each.”

Another individual writes, “I suffered with the little girl last year, she said she would appear on TV, I paid the sum of 150 lei and expect to call me, and nobody called, some [explicit]”.

It’s important to recongnise, that we are sharing this information in the public interest, to allow people to possibly identify an on-going scam. However, we cannot independently verify that the actions reported to us, regarding this taking place in Cluj-Napoca, are actually the product of a scam.

Anyone approached by such an agency or individuals, should verify the credibility of such a program / offer and use common sense when entering any contract or paying any funds.

The location of the HQ, is “Greenhouse, Strada Napoca 7, Cluj-Napoca” and they’re using the email address “”.

It’s also important to realise that in the event that this is a scam, the name of the company, location and contact information may be changed quite easily.

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