Services such as Clever Taxi, Uber and Bolt (formally known as Taxify) were today (May 16th, 2019), prohibited from providing ride-sharing services, after a new regulation came into force.

The applications, which combined, provide services to over 2.5 million customers, has already began to fill the impact of the ordinance which was passed to prevent drivers from providing taxi services without the licenses and requirements that regular taxi drivers would have to satisfy, citing that it’s “unfair competition” as the fees are typically must lower than that of a normal taxi.

Drivers can now be fined up to 5,000 lei, and as reported by Digi24, an Uber driver in Bucharest was already fined 1,000 lei for transporting a passenger, and police do not even need to prove repeat offence in order to issue fines.

Bolt Cluj-Napoca
Prices have increased due to increase demand and decrease of available drivers.

Due to the fact that many drivers are choosing not to risk the fines, availability has decreased, ultimately resulting in longer wait times and higher prices.


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