British music superstar Robbie Williams, performed some of his smash hit songs at this year’s Untold Festival. This was his first performance in 4 years in Romania, and he was greeted by a fully packed Cluj Arena.

Warming up his audience with international hit, “Let Me Entertain You”, and using the end of the microphone stand as a conductor stick to control the audience cheers and pretending that the band ended the song too early, saying, “I’m Robbie [explicit] Williams, I’m in Romania!!! COME ON, TELL EM’!” which the crowd seemed to have loved!

He also performed Queen hit, “We Will Rock You” just after performing a version of musical legend Freddie Mercury’s infamous scene from Live Aid, where he engaged the crowd and demonstrated his impressive vocals.

The crowed seemed to enjoy his “acapella megamix” of classic sing-along songs, testing the crowds musical knowledge by singing snippets from musical legends such as Bon Jovi, Tina Turner and even MC Hammer and the Bee Gees!

During his performance, he handpicked a member of the audience, and asked them if they know they know the lyrics to a song of his choice. After the first 2 members admitted they didn’t know all of the lyrics, the 3rd was a charm and was successful in continuing some of the words from 2002 hit “Come Undone”.

Robbie Williams at Untold FestivalAfter a short speech, about how his father’s ability to get the audience in the palm of his hands, brought out his father, Peter Williams (stage name, Pete Conway) and they performed “Sweet Caroline” together.

Following his duet with his father, he joked with the audience saying he used to sing “She’s the One” to his wife every night when they were first married. He then gathered the band members, and said he now sings a different song to his wife, and they began singing an acapella version of Shaggy’s year 2000 hit “It Wasn’t Me”.

Robbie Williams’ musical genre, doesn’t match the typical style of Untold, and there were some comments from some people which highlighted this, however, the stadium was full to the brim, and the crowd were dancing, singing along and joining in throughout his entire performance.

Robbie Williams at Untold FestivalThe member of the audience who sang his lyrics, was also invited on stage to join him on a couch, where he began so serenade “Monica” to the hit song “Somethin’ Stupid”, and then amusingly changed his lyrics to “I like you”, when asking her, “who’s that you’re with tonight” and she replied, her husband.

He also decided to drop Liam Gallagher’s name into the performance, which for those who aren’t aware, is reminiscent of a long running fued between the two artists.

He ended his 1:30h performance, with a Karaoke of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Images captured as stills during Untold Festival Live Stream – YouTube

View the entire performance here.

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