Ciolacu contradicts the Minister of Finance regarding the ANAF reorganization: “No one should have a gun”

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu denied the possibility that ANAF inspectors have the right to carry weapons, in the context of discussions regarding the “militarization” of the department. The Minister of Finance had previously stated that he wanted to strengthen the status of inspectors, as a draft GEO for the reorganization and consolidation of the General Anti-Fraud Directorate was published in decisional transparency.

A draft GEO of the Ministry of Finance proposes the introduction of the right PHOTO Government of Romania

“It's stupid and remains stupid. If you go to a checkpoint, somewhere, call the Police, the Gendarmerie. This is not from today, but since it was established. Today this foolishness was discovered. Someone wanted to have a gun, from ANAF. Nobody had a gun. They have problems, they ask for support from the Gendarmerie and the MAI. You shoot trucks, are you John Wayne?”, stated the prime minister in an interview for Romania TV.

The “militarization” of the DGAF

The Ministry of Finance published in decisional transparency a draft GEO regarding some measures to strengthen the institutional capacity of ANAF.

Among other things, the draft proposes that anti-fraud inspectors be equipped with weapons and wear a uniform. Specifically, the staff of the General Anti-Fraud Tax Directorate (DGAF) who hold specific public functions will wear, during their service, uniforms, distinctive insignia, badges and, as the case may be, weapons and other technical means used as an individual means of defense, protection and communication .

From a legal point of view, it is possible to equip the staff of the Antifraud Fiscal with weapons, according to Law 295/2004 on the arms and ammunition regime.

However, three conditions must be met. First of all, he must present a medical certificate, “from which it can be concluded that he does not suffer from one of the ailments established by the Ministry of Health, which make it impossible to be authorized to possess, carry, use weapons”. Then the person must also have a psychological opinion, from which it can be concluded that the applicant is fit to own, carry and use lethal weapons and ammunition. At the same time, although he is not required to have military training, an ANAF employee cannot be authorized to carry a lethal weapon if he is not in possession of a certificate of completion of a training course in the field of arms and ammunition.

The Minister of Finance, Marcel Boloș, stated that it is desired to strengthen the status of the anti-fraud inspectors and the institutional capacity of this general direction.

“We have this, let's say, novelty for the militarization of anti-fraud inspectors. I must say that the novelty is not only this, related to militarization and this possibility that they will have to legally carry weapons, including protection during service, but the county territorial structures, this is very important, let the evasionists know that the activity illicit economic activity will, with the approval of the emergency ordinance, be tracked by these county territorial services. Until now, it worked at the regional level“, explained Marcel Boloș in an interview with Digi24.