MEP Siegfried Muresan announced that during the next session of European Parliament, questions will be raised regarding the situations and handing of the events surrounding the August 10th Protests, which seen a number of people injured due to what many people feel, was a disproportionate use of force by the police in the capital of Bucharest, where the main protests were held.

Aug 11, Anti- Government Protests

Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila, has also been invited to the debated and says that she would be open to attend any debate in the European Parliament, and has instructed her cabinet ministers to reinforce and explain that Romania did not make any steps towards endangering the rule of law.

On Wednesday, 12th August, the European Parliament started a procedure to sanction Hungary for breaking certain democracy rules based on Article 7 in the EU Treaty. In the case for Romania, the debate will focus primarily on the situation of justice and the brutal interventions during the protests.

The sessions will take place between October 1st – 4th, and resolutions will be adopted in the second session between 22nd and 25th October, according to Muresan.


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