Of course, not every person has the ability to just rent a property on their own, and sharing a property is a very common practice in Cluj-Napoca, especially for students and young professionals.

When choosing to share a property or find a room-mate, you should usually go with referrals from people that you know, and not just ads you discover on Facebook and other websites.

Normally, you will still have to sign a contract when renting a room in a larger property, but in other cases, it’s just another tenant who is looking to split the rent after a previous occupant left or due to the unexpected costs.

Some of the things to factor in when sharing a property are:

  • How many bathrooms are available?
  • How many people will have access to the property?
  • Is the kitchen area sufficient and well equipped?
  • Does your room have a lock which only you will have the key for?
  • Are you paying a fair amount for the room you are renting?
  • Are other residents trustworthy and law-abiding?
  • What will happen in the event another tenant will leave?
  • Does the property owner know the terms of your tenancy?
  • How will the bills be divided?

You cannot afford to not take any of the above points into consideration when choosing to share a property. Any one of these points, if they go wrong or aren’t what you expected, could result in unexpected events or costs which can seriously impact your ability to have a comfortable life and tenancy.