On April 30, 2019 at around 6pm (EEST) a large tornado was filmed roaring through open fields in the southeastern county of Călărași, which sits around 81km (51 miles) from Bucharest.

Such weather is very rare in Romania, as well as in Europe in general, unlike the U.S. which sees a fair share of tornados on an annual basis in certain areas, so this event was quite unbelievable for many, initially questioned by some whether it was real or not.

The news was soon picked up and reported by other major news agencies, such as Digi24, at which point it was confirmed that also the tornado had caused a number of injuries, damage to vehicles and to around 40 properties in the area. A coach carrying 39 passengers was lifted and thrown 10 meters into a nearby field. According to ISU (Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) Calarasi, seven people were injured, one of which was in serious condition.

The local mayor, Marian Naiman, stated, “A tornado swept across the locality and headed towards the county’s capital city of Tulcea. 40 houses were damaged, of which four completely uncovered, and several trees were uprooted by the wind. There were no casualties and no one was hurt. The roofs were ripped off and thrown over a distance of 40-50 meters. I haven’t seen anything like this before and I’ve never heard of a tornado forming in this area. An orange flood alert code was issued for the overnight period and meanwhile we’ll see what we can do for the people whose houses remained without roofs.”

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Eric Leister said, “[It] looks like a strong cold front triggered severe weather in southern Romania today, including that tornado. The same storm system produced a thunderstorm that brought strong winds to Bucharest earlier in the day, Leister said. “A temperature drop of 15-20 degrees followed the storm.”

The tornado can be seen lifting dirt and dust up from the surrounding fields, creating an incredible contrast from the top, where the clouds are circling down and the brown dust being pulled upwards.

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