The prices for transport in Cluj went up in October of this year (2018), and for some, this was a little uncomfortable. However, it seems that the city hall and transport company in Cluj (CTP) are continuing to upgrade and replace their old buses with brand-new buses, complete with lots of modern features such as WiFi and USB Charging.

Cluj-Napoca mayor, Emil Boc, published the announcement via his official Facebook page, stating:

Another 60 new Mercedes buses for public transport to Cluj-Napoca!

30 buses will be delivered by 30 November and 30 other buses by 15 December 2018. The Price of a bus is 1.046.994 Lei / each + tax, the total value of the framework agreement for 60 buses is 62.819.640 lei + tax.

Buses correspond to all European rules in the field, the guarantee is 5 years or 350.000 km. Total Transport Capacity: 104 passengers of which 26 seats and 78 standing seats.

The Length of the bus is 12 m, fully lowered floor, ramp for disabled people. Buses have 3 Double Doors, heating system, air conditioning system, natural ventilation, forced ventilation, Indoor Lighting System with LED Type Lamps, external led route sign (front, side and rear), 1 inner LED visual indicator of stations, 1 LCD type monitor extrawide for viewing the entire route of all stations and current bus position on route, 1 Monitor Lcd type for advertising announcements, voice announcement of stations in the salon, Amplifier Station, Radio-CD and microphone, video surveillance system inside and outside, Ticket System, onboard computer, free wi-fi internet for passengers, USB sockets for charging mobile devices connecting to the hand-railings, voice announcement of the route number and travel direction outside the bus for informing people with impaired view (Ex.:”This is line 30, heading towards neighbourhood Grigorescu”).

The city has also been making improvements to their bus stations, with the addition of multiple LED signs, which indicate when the next buses will be arriving and also a mobile app, available in both English and Romanian which indicate the bus stops, and when next buses are arriving.

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