Looking for a good meal or a night out and about with friends? Then look no further than Irish & Music Pub, a piece of Cluj history wrapped in a nice, homely underground pub. Though it’s come a long way from its rock club days, the venue offers first and foremost a positive vibe for its guests, making it the perfect place to get together with friends or have a quick meal.You can even book one of our more private rooms for a special event – birthdays, anniversaries or other kind of parties. Every now and then you can catch a concert or a show, but you can definitely bet on having a good, quality time. We’ve been told that it’s a bit hard to stop by the pub for just one beer and we can tell you now that we always try to make our guests feel right at home.


But if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s our food selection. Our menu is varied enough to satisfy even the pickiest of foodies, from juicy steaks, fish & chips and, of course, one of the best pizzas you’ll find in town. Ok, we know this “best pizza in town” thing is a bit cliche to say, but our food is always made with the freshest ingredients because we value quality above all. Our experienced chefs have a passion for complex dishes and have come up with some interesting combinations for you to enjoy – like our Beer Battered Chicken Nuggets, always a fan favourite. 

Irish & Music Pub is something that cannot be easily described on paper but has to be experienced, so we challenge you to stop by, have a bite to eat and a pint of something strong and tell us what you think!



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