Urania Cafe - Cluj-NapocaOne of the most famous meeting places in Cluj, when the city was embracing the Viennese model of attitude and architecture, this little piece of Cluj history was revived in the winter of 2016, with the opening of Urania Café.

The venue is located on the corner, ground floor of what was once the most avant-garde building in the city, Urania Palace. You’ll find a bright place with big windows, high ceilings and depictions of famous art works on the walls, that recreate the atmosphere of a small, cozy Viennese cafe.

The excellent coffee is definitely one of the reasons to stop by – it embodies the true espresso Italiano, it’s called Serrani and we’ve been importing it from Italy since 2004. We also have beers that could easily satisfy the pickiest of tastes: local beers, German Weizen, Belgian Abbey Beer, Italian Bock, Irish Stout or French Weizen beer, you name it!

If you feel like indulging in a full-bodied, flavoured wine, our fine wine selection is at your disposal. Also, if you’re a wine fan, you just have to try some of our summer wines – light and refreshing, these wine cocktails are guaranteed to win you over from the very first sip.

Urania Cafe - Cluj-NapocaCornetto!

If all of the above are not enough reason for you to make a quick stop at Urania Cafe, then you should probably know we are the only place in Cluj that serves the famous coffee in a cone. If you’re a coffee person, you can’t leave this town without trying the delicious, foamy Cornetto Cappuccino. However, if you’re more of a hot chocolate fan, Cornetto Hot Chocolate is the treat for you – hot, thick chocolate with a sprinkle of tiny marshmallows, all wrapped up in a crunchy, chocolate glazed waffle cone!

We often host events like Quiz Night (if you want to test your Romanian speaking skills or have a friend who can translate well, why not give it a try!), Jazz Music evenings, Sax and The City (live saxophone music) and any other night Live Acoustic music, where we invite local artists to play covers or their own pieces. If hunger threatens to ruin your night out, just grab a quick bite: ham and cheese toasties, nachos & sauce or raspberry cheesecake are some of the tasty options.

Have you ever experienced the bliss of sitting in a cafe, with a cup of coffee/tea in front of you and just watch the world go by? Observe people, architecture, take a little time off and just enjoy the moment? Imagine waking up in the morning in Cluj, walking your dogs down to the cafe to get your usual caramel cappuccino, and starting the day in the right mood and mindset. We like to think our place is for just that – enjoying the little things, taking some time to cherish life and be grateful. It’s the place that welcomes the young, the active, the open minded and artistic people, always on the move, and also the nostalgic ones, for whom the place revives memories of their youth and the atmosphere of the old town.

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Stop by whenever, we’re open from 7AM to 11PM, except on Saturdays and Sundays, when we sleep a little longer, so we open at 10AM.

Business Information:

  • Address: Strada Horea Nr.4, Cluj-Napoca
  • Telephone: +40 728 092 920
  • Website: www.facebook.com/uraniacafecluj
  • Opening Hours:
    • Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 11:00pm
    • Saturday: 10:00am – 11:00pm



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